Aug 19 2011

How to describe two jobs in your resume or cv that are very similar

Don’t be concerned if your previous roles sound the same – your resume will show that you have solid experience in more than one work environment, possibly a competitive advantage over other candidates. Use alternative words and expressions between these job descriptions.  This will create interest for the reader and illustrate a greater skill set achieved.

Aug 18 2011

How to make the most of lots of experience with only one employer in your resume or cv

Present each position held, including any secondments with the same employer separately, as if they were with different employers.  Indicate which roles were gained due to positive performance – such as special projects you were asked to do, transfers or internal positions applied for and been the successful candidate, and most importantly promotions received.

Aug 17 2011

What to focus on when describing your work experience

Concentrate on giving factual evidence of the skills gained and developed which are needed in the role you are now looking for.  The easiest and most effective way to do this is to give relevant examples of your responsibilities, tasks, activities, projects and achievements from your current and recent positions held.

Aug 16 2011

How to maximise the chances of your resume or cv being picked up in an online key word search

Vary the way you describe your work experience from job to job by using synonyms and include current buzz words and expressions applicable for your industry.  Use contemporary job titles, adjusting any outdated official titles if you have to and don't use the same job title twice – tweak titles to ensure all possible variations for a key word search are covered.  Describe similar skills and responsibilities in as many different ways that you can, using job advertisements as a guide if you need to.

Aug 15 2011

Should I use flashy fonts and styles in my cv or resume?

Your resume may stand out from other applicants because of colour or design but the reader will only remain interested if the content is relevant, appropriate and well written.  Keep in mind also that unusual fonts and styles can be difficult to read or may not appear properly on someone elses' screen or when printed out.

Aug 12 2011

What resume format should I use?

Use a reverse chronological order format for your work experience with all other sections tailored to present your strongest selling point first, followed by the next strongest selling point etc.  This is a user friendly format.

A reverse chronological format for your work experience section involves presenting your current or most recent job first and working backwards from there.

Aug 11 2011

How often should I do my own resume review?

Before you send it out, each time!  This doesn't mean you need to write a new resume for each job application you make.  But it does mean assessing your resume(and your other job application documents) before you press send with a view to tweaking the information so that there is a heavier emphasis on the skills that are relevant to each particular job and reducing the impact of skills that are not so crucial.

Aug 10 2011

When to hire a professional to write your resume or cv

When you feel your writing and presentation skills are not at the level required to market and sell yourself.  When you don't have the time or knowledge of what employers you want to target are looking for.  When you lack the confidence to describe your skills and experience in the most positive way possible.

Aug 9 2011

When to include residency or visa details in your resume

If you have recently arrived from another country, have significant work experience and/or training overseas or if you are applying from outside of Australia.  Clearly indicate your status at the start of your cv to eliminate any concerns the reader may have about your eligibility to work.  International applicants can be an easy target for quick elimination without this information.

Aug 8 2011

When to be creative with your resume

When the nature of the position and organisation warrants it.  Do your research and if it leads you to think that a creative resume is appropriate, do it but do it professionally at the standard required.  Tacky, and amateurish drawings, graphics, photos etc can make you stand out from other candidates but for all the wrong reasons!